A short TMP experiment with boosts mp11 & fusion

published at 17.03.2018 20:09

Working with your own APIs

published at 08.03.2018 14:39

Yesterday I had the pleasure to implement a new feature in my CMS: moving a page or directory with in the website tree. Its quite easy, once you've implemented it, but it was also an interesting exercise in using code I once wrote. In Summer of 2015 I wrote this tree implementation, this old blog post also covers most of the interfaces which I needed to use now.

World class C++ factories

published at 01.03.2018 14:20

One of the most popular talks during the review for last years conference, was "The hidden rules of world class C++ code" by Boris Schäling. And indeed, he delivered at the conference. He picked the factory pattern to present his version of world class C++ code, and as it happens to be, I've also have an implementation of this and some experience with boost::factory, which is mentioned in the Bonus Slides of his talk:

How if constexpr simplifies your code in C++17

published at 22.02.2018 16:24

So, yesterday we had a little live coding session at my C++ User Group Düsseldorf. I want to recreate some of this code, to show how C++17 actually does help quite a bit with making code shorter and more expressive. Since I don't have a local C++17 compiler installed, I use godbolt and wandbox to test some of the examples.

Drawing circular text in Qt

published at 16.02.2018 20:17

For a few weeks now, I use Friday afternoon to do some coding. As often managing Meeting C++ has become a non-code activity, it feels good to have a spot in the week where I focus on "what could I code today?". Today I focused on drawing circular text in Qt, which mostly consisted of writing prototype code, there is still lots to tweak if you'd wanted to use this in production.

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