A CppCon 2017 trip report

published at 06.10.2017 23:32

I'd like to share my experience of attending CppCon 2017, or how I'd like to describe it: playing multiplayer "find waldo" for one week. This is also the first time, that I attend a CppCon without speaking, I could complain about this, but actually I was very happy not to speak. There was no time to prepare a new talk anyways, Meeting C++ has kept me busy, but back to CppCon.

Future proofing our C++ APIs

published at 12.08.2017 20:30

While writing my CMS, I made one experience: using both std and boost versions of various types in the same code base. Often, it is a 3rd library, in this case from boost, which I use, only supporting the old boost versions. Which is fine, but it makes maintenance and working with the code more difficult, as constantly you see a mix of boost and std.

The reviews have begun

published at 10.08.2017 15:40

A few weeks ago I announced a C++ review community, which since then has grown to 250+ members on reddit. There has been great feedback and discussions since then, so that the idea is now ready to be tested.  With August, the first review period has started, but first have a look at the idea of a review community again:

How I got started with C++

published at 28.07.2017 15:08

We always hear and see what the latest news on C++ or some particular subset of it is. What one usually does not get to know, is how people got started with C++. But one thing for sure, all of us in the C++ community are either still getting started, or did once. There is a good section on how you could get started today at isocpp.org, but the past did not offer such a luxury.

The power of method templates

published at 14.07.2017 17:30

This is very useful if you work with Qt, but could also apply in many other situations. My use case often is Qt, as it does not allow for template classes to be derived from QObject. Hence, all of these UI and widget classes end up being quite concrete implementations.

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