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Become a Software Engineer @ Undo

published at 14.09.2017 23:40

If you are tired of being a cog in the machine and want to take an active part in developing really exciting technology, this role could be for you.

As an Undo Software Engineer, you’ll have the opportunity to do a variety of tasks, and contribute to projects and customer engagements. You’ll also be supported by the wider Engineering team to brainstorm ideas and help you if you’re stuck.

Undo developers have the freedom to decide their own processes, and individual developers can pick the development environment that works for them. We trust our employees to do their best to do the right thing. We grow teams that have the freedom to make their own decisions so individual developers are empowered to choose the work they’d like do within the team’s committed goals.

In return, we ask that you do your best to understand our users’ needs, deliver releases or fixes within the timeframes agreed within your team, take ownership of specific tasks, occasionally provide customer training, and be flexible when company priorities change.

Expect to participate in open discussions, to challenge and be challenged with arguments based on reason, and to compromise occasionally in order to achieve team consensus. Trust, honesty and respect for others is essential. Enthusiasm and drive are valued.

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