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Hello, Meeting C++ is an independent platform for C++, sharing news, blogs and events for C++. The yearly Meeting C++ Conference and the C++ User Group Düsseldorf is what got Meeting C++ started, and today Jens Weller, the founder of Meeting C++, is fully dedicated to building a global network for C++. With a strong focus on C++, its libraries and community. Also Meeting C++ is an advocate for local C++ User Groups, and has motivated many to join or start a local group.

Meeting C++ 2018 is from the 15th - 17th November in Berlin!


A lot of time goes into creating C++ content shared through Meeting C++. Its network offers a reach into the C++ community, with a following of over 50k across Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, G+, Youtube and Xing! Once a week the Meeting C++ blog roll is posted, news and blog entries are shared daily in social media. Please subscribe to the RSS Feeds to stay up to date with everything at Meeting C++.

Read about the C++, Qt, ISO Standardization and other C++ related things on the Meeting C++ blog. Join our Meeting C++ live stream on youtube, or watch "Just C++" and the talks of past conferences!


Keynotes at Meeting C++ 2017

Sean Parent Kate Gregory Wouter van Ooijen
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Visit the schedule of Meeting C++ 2017 for full event information!

Meeting C++ Blog

Drawing circular text in Qt

published at 16.02.2018 20:17

For a few weeks now, I use Friday afternoon to do some coding. As often managing Meeting C++ has become a non-code activity, it feels good to have a spot in the week where I focus on "what could I code today?". Today I focused on drawing circular text in Qt, which mostly consisted of writing prototype code, there is still lots to tweak if you'd wanted to use this in production.

C++ in 2018

published at 09.02.2018 17:44

Its time to have a look, what one can expect form the best programming language of the world in 2018...

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New Employer listing & posting Jobs on Meeting C++

published at 15.02.2018 11:23

Today I am finally able to announce the upcoming employer listing on Meeting C++!

C++ User Group Meetings in February 2018

published at 02.02.2018 21:35

The monthly posting of upcoming C++ User Group meetings. It seems there are no new groups so far in 2018...

All Lightning Talks are published

published at 10.01.2018 13:31

All lightning talks from Meeting C++ 2017 are now on YouTube. Sean Parents keynote will be online soon, as its right now the only recording which really has issues. Also the first talks from the conference now get to be on YouTube.

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Meeting C++ Blogroll 134

published at 16.02.2018 11:11

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C++ Jobs

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Graduate Studentship in the area of High-Performance Data Management

published at 16.02.2018 19:18

Location: London, UK

C++17 Software Engineer

published at 13.02.2018 12:01

Location: Hamburg, Germany

C++ developer in Berlin

published at 09.02.2018 15:41

Location: Berlin

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